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Cavalier Pets introduces a unique pet feeding mat made for EVERY dog or cat owner looking to keep a clean feeding area. This mat has a large 24 by 16 inch surface, making it large enough for most dog bowls or feeders. Because this mat covers a great amount of space, you can be sure to keep a clean feeding area for your loving pets.

Our mat has a non-slip textured woven design which not only prevents bowls from sliding off the mat, but its woven design captures water, drool, and food particles that escape your pets mouth and/or bowls. This means that your feeding station will remain sanitized at all times; no damaged floors, no constant cleaning, and no bad odor or bacteria forming in your home.
This mat is made of high quality silicone and vinyl materials; Durable and Long Lasting. It is 100% waterproof making it easy to clean. Wash it with soap and water in the sink, or hose it down and let it air dry. ORDER TODAY BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW.

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