Our Mission

At Cavalier Pets our mission is pretty simple: 

We love cats and dogs. If it were raining cats and dogs, we would absolutely be fine with that. They both have different personalities and traits, of course, but the joy they bring to our lives is the same. Dogs are loving, loyal and affectionate. When we’ve been gone for five minutes, they act like they haven’t seen us in years. Cats are playful, independent, and funny. If you have a laser pointer and a cat, it equals hours of enjoyment. 

In return for the joy they bring to our lives, we want to bring as much joy as we can to their lives. One way we can do that is by giving them high quality pet products. So that is what we create. 
We are completely focused and dedicated to giving all of our customers and their furry little friends the highest level of service that they deserve. Personal experience is what we strive for and we provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Our products are not only built to last, but they are created to overly exceed all of your expectations. Cavalier Pets, high quality pet products that you can count on.